Leaner. Faster & Better.

Wörks was the first agency in Finland to adopt lean methods into marketing and design in 2011. The initial motivation was to find ways to work smarter and in a more humane way.

Our methods

Collabo- ration

We work closely with our clients and associates. Regular face-time (online or offline) with our clients makes working more efficient as we can comment, iterate, and decide matters together throughout the day. Being a member of a dynamic team is also very rewarding – you become a part of a bigger entity with a common goal.

Acid- testing

We wanted to get rid of all the unnecessary fuss in the design process: meetings where nothing is decided as well as fruitless second-guessing. That’s why we started acid testing ideas & concepts; a simple study conducted on the target audience can be done cost-efficiently in a matter of hours, and the results often give the needed validation on direction.

Waste minimi- zation

Agencies traditionally spend hours on creating visually fine-tuned and all-embracing presentations. We like to keep our decks simple and place the focus rather on continuous dialogue in the iterative planning process. The aim is to work smarter, not more.

No hierarchy

Organizational hierarchy slows down the decision-making process and in general seems outdated. We value teams’ and individuals’ judgement, and encourage each other to make decisions and take action proactively.

Flexible roles

In the early days we had no specific project managers nor producers – in fact we didn’t even have a CEO before November 2018. Today we have producers helping some of our biggest accounts to run smooth, but whenever needed, our creatives are ready to manage a project, too.

Our values

We believe in humanity

Spread kindness and success will follow.

We believe in working together

Our dream teams also include clients and partners.

We believe in lean methods

Lean since 2011.

We believe in creativity

Curiosity and playfulness are the resource for innovation.

We believe in good life

We like to take work seriously without losing the fun.


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100% Transparent

We aim to be fully transparent in everything we do.

To that target we made our internal culture manual public for everybody to see and read. The manual is constantly re-evaluated as we and the world change.

Explore the foundations of Wörks at https://www.woerksculture.com/.